Online Training Systems Are Just for Online Courses, Right?

So, you made the plunge and you implemented an Online Training System. You created your online training program and assigned your courses and everything is going great.  Your students are taking the courses and learning the content and everyone is thrilled. You’re all done now, right?  Just assign as new people come aboard or edit as things change and re-assign courses, otherwise it’s easy street.  No more traveling, no more un-trackable shadow training, no more printed documents.  Think of all the trees you’ve saved!  You’ve never been so productive and consistent with your training program; your boss is hailing you as a hero. Just as you kick back to relax and enjoy your success it suddenly hits you, “Not everybody learns the same way!”  So, what is a dedicated Training Director to do?  How can you be sure to make sure everyone is getting the training they need and deserve?

Wait a minute, didn’t you hear some sort of buzz word at the last conference you attended, yeah that’s right, blended learning.  So, what does that mean to you? How does your organization take advantage of a blended learning program?  Well, to get started, what training needs to be done in person?  I know, I know in person? What!  Did you hear me right, did an Online Training Company just say such a thing?  Yes, yes, we did!  Because we know that online training is not meant to replace in-person training, it’s meant to prepare for, supplement, and reinforce it.  There are certain tasks that need to be demonstrated in person and your staff needs to demonstrate back to you that they’ve learned how to do those tasks.  But not to fear, you can schedule, allow your staff to register for, or be assigned these in-person courses through our External Course Tool. The External Course Tool allows you to not only alert them of the up-coming session but give them credit for attending as well and as a result have a record of all your training records in one central location.  Also, why not record the in-person session and once it’s over create an online course out of it allowing your staff to watch it again if they want to review a key point or have questions. That’s the point of an on-line training system after all, on-demand training 24/7, anywhere, anytime! 
Okay, so what other ways of blended learning can we take advantage of?  Well, how diverse are your courses?  Are you taking advantage of not only static text, images, video, quizzes, and exams, but also gamification, slide-presentations, infographics, and statistics?  If not, those are some great options to start looking at! Interested in learning more?  Give our Course Creation Team a call, we’d love to help you strategize!  

You Don’t Have to be a Designer to Create Amazing Graphics

If you post on behalf of a company on multiple social media platforms, you know it can become a challenge to consistently create new and interesting posts. As much as we want to just post the cute dog video that comes across your feed, we know it’s not the best practice (or at least not every day!).
Historically, we have been using the application This is a basic photo editing tool that is like the paint feature that can be found on your PC. We found ourselves becoming boring and repetitive, posting a plain color background with the occasional text over top and a border.  Don’t get us wrong, is a great tool, we were just ready to change things up a bit for our posts.
We were introduced to the tool Canva by a fellow co-worker. As soon as we logged into Canva, we were in love. The site offers so many templates for blogs, social media posts, posters, ads and more. It’s also very easy to navigate through and creating our first post was very intuitive. Once you are logged in, the site will prompt you to choose the design you want to create (Facebook post, poster, card, etc.).

Once you choose the design you want to create, you then have different tools you can use to build your project. You may choose a layout, elements (photos, grids, frames, shapes, lines, illustrations, icons and charts), text, background, and you may also upload your own images.

After you are finished creating your design, all you must do is select the file type you want to save it as and download it.  Creating professional posts via Canva is easy and the finished product looks very personalized and unique. You can get a free Canva account or a paid version for $12.95 a user/per month, and it looks like they are coming out with an enterprise package soon. Overall, this site has been a lifesaver that has helped keep our posts looking fresh. 
Check out Canva today @