How to Create eLearning Courses Quickly

Often times when we speak with prospective clients we occasionally receive questions about content. 
  • How do we get our content into an LMS system?  
  • How long does it take to get content or material into an Online Training Platform or Learning Management System? 

This is sometimes a loaded question. It mostly depends on what types of training you are trying to accomplish. In a previous blog post we talked about some of the various ways to achieve that task by sharing with clients the 3 B’s of content development. Building content, Borrowing Content or Buying content.

Creating content is pretty easy with a variety of easy to use tools to accomplish that task in a timely manner. Take a look at Adela Belin’s article where she shares 6 steps to creating online courses. This step by step plan is a way to formulate a plan to create a method of strategizing or formulating a plan of action to help streamline that process.

The other fundamental element to creating content quickly, as simple as this sounds, is to keep it short. eLearning lends itself to short bursts of information, while trying to keep the material course taking time to under 15 minutes is ideal. As long as the knowledge transfer is able to take place in that short amount of time that is the desired goal.

There are so many resources available; you just need to know where to look. Some basic and simple tasks like “Proper handwashing” have been created and published 1,000’s of time from a variety of sources like YouTube or Vimeo. If someone allows you to reuse that video it will provide you with an embed code via the Creative Common licensing agreement that can easily be added to any course and then you are able to quiz or have the student take an exam on the borrowed material making sure that knowledge transfer has taken place. Other sources like Slide Share, Slideboom are a virtual warehouse of PowerPoint slide presentations of shared material that can be re purposed and utilized by anyone quickly and effectively.

So, as you can see there are a variety of resources and methods to get you content available to your community quickly, easily and with some amazing tools to help you accomplish your training goals and objectives.

Here’s a list of words and phrases to remove from your writing

I’m always looking to improve my writing skills and am so glad I found this infographic from Global English Editing. I use several words and phrases in not only my daily writing but also when I’m creating courses. Going to be working on removing these from not only the courses I am working on but also from my email communications.

23 Words or Phrases to Eliminate From Your Writing Infographic
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