Introducing Shed Talks with Doug Mark, LearningZen President

Top 5 Reasons to watch Shed Talks

Coming in July we will be rolling out a new video series called Shed Talks. Why Shed Talks? Mostly because I’ll be doing a series of talks shot from the glory that is my shed. Shed talks will cover conversations about training, online training, Learning Management Systems, business practices and consulting. In addition to business based topics there’s going to be guest star experts from all types of industries be it travel and leisure, sports, franchising, social media & marketing, technology, sales, entertainment, medical, legal and whatever else we come up with.
It’s a little toasty in the shed this summer so we are picking some choice times to shoot but we will carry on and make it happen. In the meantime, here’s a list of the top 5 Reasons to tune into the channel.
1. We will be covering online training best practices, training tips, technologies we love, free business consulting, sales tips and a bevy of others.
2. These videos are going to be written, shot, edited and directed by me, President of LearningZen and I know nothing about video. Seriously, this will be fun to watch because part of what we are doing here is illustrating how easy it is to record your own videos for training purposes. If I can do this anyone can. 
3. I’m guessing the B Roll footage will be better than the actual footage we use. I’ll have a camera rolling to capture all my screw ups, stumbles, stutters F-bombs and inner conversations. My guess is what goes on in my head will become evident, very quickly. This terrifies me. 
4. You’ll laugh, you may cry but you’ll definitely get real world tips and tricks that you can apply to almost any business in the world.
5. I’m kind of an introvert so this will be me at my least comfortable. Who doesn’t like to watch a nice train wreck?
The first video will be the importance of relationship based selling; how building relationships shapes your business. See you in July,
See you in July!
Doug Mark

Repurposing Training Materials for Your Online LMS

Repurposing Training Materials for Your Online LMS

Repurposing Training Materials for Your Online LMS
When talking to new clients as well as existing clients I am always asked about using old eLearning courses or  training materials. We all have dated materials that with a little bit of updating would become an amazing new course. But how do we do that, how  do we get organized? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you start to look at everything you have. Chrisoforos Pappas from eLearning Industry has a great article where he shares 7 tips and tricks for repurposing content. Click the link below to read the entire article and hopefully come up with a plan on taking some of your old content and putting a fresh spin on it for your users.

LearningZen and iSpring Compatibility

LearningZen and iSpring Compatibility

Did you know that iSpring is compatible with LearningZen?  If you are a current iSpring user looking for an LMS, check out the review from iSpring Solutions and then give us a call to see how we can help you with your online learning management system.

Project Management for eLearning Collaboration

Collaborating on creating eLearning content for your business can be tricky. Not everyone can work on the project at the same time or even the same place. There are many different Project Management platforms out there, the one we chose to use is Google Drive.
Google Drive is cloud based storage where you can keep photos, videos, presentations, and PDFs. Google offers a free account which allows you to store up to 15GB, if you need more storage they also have packages you can purchase. When creating files, they are private until you share them. When sharing the files, you can let the person edit, view, or just comment on the document. This can be very helpful when you have two authors collaborating but are not under the same roof, this eliminates the chance of losing your USB drive and having to email the document back and forth. You can log into any device and have access to your documents, no need to worry about bringing your work computer home for the weekend.  Having a project management platform allows you to keep all of your content in one place, if you know where all of your content is the more likely you are going to use it.

Find a project management tool or give Google Drive a shot. Once you are able to sincerely collaborate with team members and know where your documents are the more you are going to succeed when creating your courses. To learn more about Google Drive click here,

Things to Know Before You Get Started on Course Creation

I’m always looking for tools or templates that help me get organized when I create an online course. eLearning Brothers just recently posted an eLearning Storyboard template that I’m excited to try out. This storyboard is a 8 step process that ensures you don’t miss anything. If you haven’t been to the eLearning Brothers website, I would suggest you check it out today. So many great resources, and a lot of them are FREE!

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