The benefits of online training for a franchise network

The key for any great franchise system is the ability to duplicate a system across a broad territory. You want the customer to have the same experience whether they visit a location in Texas, California, New York or Guam.
Some of the benefits of franchising your system are; More outlets mean more opportunities for the franchisor to increase revenue, the ability to offer opportunities for small business owners and create jobs in local communities, just to name a few.
So how do you get 10, 20, 100, 500 different locations to all do business the same way? The short answer TRAINING.  More specifically, online training.
Online training allows you to provide consistent standards across the entire franchise system. You’re familiar with the phrase “one bad apple spoils the bunch”. One sub-par franchisee can damage the brands reputation and affect the entire system. As a franchisor you can not expect a franchisee to be already equipped with the skills to run your system effectively. A robust online learning system is crucial to provide franchisees the tools needed to successfully represent your brand day in and day out.
Have a new product launch? How can you assure that everyone that represents your brand knows about this new product? Are you going to have your business consultants travel to each location, send a mass e-mail and hope that people read it? How about one place that everyone goes to, takes the same course and you now have documentation of who completed the course and who did not. 
Do you have confidential information that you want to share with your franchisees, but don’t want a bunch of papers laying around that anyone can see? An online training system can keep that information in one place that only employees and franchisees can access.
Want to help your franchisees ramp up faster? You can have an online training set up for them that they must take before coming to the home office for in person training. This will allow your trainers to spend more time face to face teaching skills that will help your franchisees get off to a faster start, rather than going over say a uniform policy that they could have read online.

An online training program can alleviate miscommunication, brand misrepresentation and time spent by your trainer’s going over the same information time after time, freeing them up to work with your franchisees on the skills that will influence their success. More successful franchisees equal more successful franchisees. In the end isn’t that the intention of franchising?