Easy to use eLearning software for company training

Learning Zen provides a robust eLearning platform for franchises & companies in need of software for training employees. Learning Zen’s eLearning platform features a DIY course creator with easy to use authoring tools. It has never been easier to exceed your company’s training and development needs.

eLearning allows us to deliver and consume content like never before.


Even the most advanced employee training programs are challenged without an organized and detailed eLearning blueprint. LearningZen has proven templates following instructional design best practices. It’s a software system that helps your organization track milestones, measure growth, as well as monitor the overall completion rate of the entire eLearning process. This process plays a critical role in easily bringing new employees up to speed – and that’s what LearningZen’s eLearning platform is all about.

There is absolutely no shortage of eLearning Software. So, why LearningZen?

Our eLearning platform is 100% cloud-based. This means that there is no download required, and training can be delivered anytime, anywhere.

Our Learning Management System includes an intuitive and straightforward tracking tool for measuring employee learning. This reveals how each stakeholder or employee is making the most of their training programs.

Our platform enables team members to learn at their desired pace while staying on top of their key assignments. This will effectively improve their day-to-day success and long-term responsibilities.

We offer convenient eLearning learning processes that are smarter, more efficient, and fully-automated. Our DIY elearning course creator  equips learners to discover relevant course contents on their own.

LearningZen’s client and customer support are second to none. We are committed to the successful deployment of your online training program and the continued education of your employees, clients, and volunteers.

LearningZen provides a robust, flexible and customizable e-learning platform for companies in need of an LMS for training employees. Our easy to use DIY course creator will greatly speed up the launch of your online training program. LearningZen is also the perfect LMS for franchises.

With LearningZen, organizations can easily convert knowledge into online content and media that will engage employees. This will help accelerate both individual and team performance, while improving the overall impact of the learning process across their organizations. It is a fact that well trained employees are happier and stay longer.

At LearningZen, we provide the eLearning environment that delivers excellent customer experiences, helps you win more deals, retain staff longer and deliver BETTER employee output. The good news is that whether you are a single unit company or have hundreds of stores your employees and key stakeholders can easily understand and take advantage of our E-Learning Platform.

You can trust us to work with you every step of the way to help you handle your company’s eLearning weightlifting, while you focus on working on your business, not in it. We can even help with course creation.

Get on board and equip your employees and learners with one of the most effective eLearning course authoring tools for your success.



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