Low cost, easy to use LMS for FEC

Family Entertainment Centers are one of the best industries for online learning management systems training. A LMS can deliver your training content and materials efficiently and ensure a consistent, uniform experience for your employees. Your FEC training program can truly benefit from online LMS training for providing a centralized place for Guest Services training, safety training, Role based training, company information and procedures.

A LMS for FECs makes training newly hired staff much easier, faster and supports your training staff in providing the right content in a timely manner. Safety protocols need to be learned and understand across your entire organization, and a learning management system can provide the right knowledge and skills quickly and effectively.

Brand-wide On-Demand Training

EC learning and training can be a unique challenge due to the various roles and responsibilities that must be addressed. Proper training is critical to running a safe and fun FEC and an online training system can provide a streamlined training and re-certification experience for your Family Entertainment Center.

World Class Services & Support

There are many benefits to a LMS for FECs and LearningZen’s LMS platform makes it simple. Our highly skilled staff is dedicated to supporting your learning management system, and we also have content creation specialists and videographers if you would prefer to have us create your FEC training program.

Consistent, Efficient Training

Deliver quality training content while also knowing that the material teaches exactly the practices and procedures your FEC needs to run smoothly, safely and profitably. Support your staff with consistency and help employees learn more efficiently with online learning management systems. Implementing your own LMS has never been easier with LearningZen’s creation platform.

Streamline Your Onboarding

Training newly hired staff is one of the most important aspects of running a family entertainment center business, and LearningZen can help make your investment of time and resources to train new employees as streamlined and effective as possible by helping you or your training team create online learning management systems using our unique platform.

Whether you have your training content already created, or you want support in creating engaging material for your training program, LearningZen has you covered. Learning management systems for businesses is our specialty and our staff expertise is specifically designed to support your company and your industry’s unique needs.

Utilizing LearningZen’s LMS for FEC’s means bringing your training program into a modern, professional, and easy to use platform that your employees will love using and improve retention. Training with an online learning management system is the best way to engage your employee’s attention, and assist them in gaining the knowledge and skills your company needs to thrive.


LearningZen specializes in online course content creation and deployment. Our staff is here to support your company and training program with knowledgeable advice, direction and even content creation.

Request a free demo of our learning managenent system platform and let us show you exactly how LearningZen’s LMS for training employees can help your family entertainment center business. We know that your company needs a quality training program, and we are excited to demonstrate how a LMS can fit your needs, as well as your budget.



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