Learning Management System (LMS) for training employees

Learning Zen offers a robust, easy to set up LMS for your employee training; Try LearningZen’s easy to use LMS for your company & see how our software has successfully trained millions of employees.

From onboarding to corporate training, LearningZen covers it all.

Why do so many companies use LearningZen LMS training software to train their entire organization?

Enhance Employee Development

The personalized and unique LMS training tools will help your employees learn efficiently while boosting their productivity.

Integrated Course Authoring

Quickly convert training material into engaging online eLearning courses. The LearningZen course authoring tool is intuitive, powerful and simple to use.

Brand Management

LearningZen’s LMS training software is a multi-dimensional tool and development platform that will inspire lasting behavioral change and encourage a business-wide brand culture among your employees.

Efficient Employee Onboarding

Enjoy quick and very efficient onboarding of your new employees by compiling your eLearning modules and classroom training in LearningZen, virtually automating your onboarding process while decreasing ramp up time.

Better Compliance & Regulation

Our flexible and customizable online LMS platform lets you brand your training resources for a custom look and feel that matches your brand.

Leadership Development Tool

You can easily coach or mentor prospective future leaders among your employees while tracking their overall progress within the system.

We have made our online learning platform affordable to companies of all shapes and sizes. Find out for yourself, why LearningZen is the ideal LMS for training employees online. 

LearningZen is more than your average employee LMS platform. We can help you to transform your training course outlines and content into intuitive learning and development resources that will increase employee engagement and productivity.

LearningZen’s LMS for training employees has been carefully designed with your business model in mind. Our seamless blend of the most advanced eLearning technology and time-tested conventional training methods, has made out LMS training software a robust learning ecosystem that will foster collaboration and better communication within any workforce.

LearningZen indeed offers the best LMS for training employees. Our built-in authoring tool will help you deliver content on an intuitive platform that your learners can access anywhere, anytime.

Take advantage of LearningZen’s LMS for employee training to create customized training content and assess staff competency and performance. See how companies have used our software to successfully train thousands upon thousands of employees.



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