LearningZen’s Learning Management System for Zoos and Aquariums is your key to a successful employee training program. See how our software has helped other Zoos save time and money through online training.

Why LearningZen?

LearningZen has partnered with some of the nation’s most iconic, award winning Zoos.

Innovative Solutions

Our team is working hand in hand with our Zoo Partners to build a library of course templates and videos for our Zoo & Aquarium Community.

Superior Efficiency

Onboard, train, certify and re-certify with the ease of LearningZen LMS


LearningZen's automated application processes ensure that the workload is handled for you.

Safety Compliance

Your safety and success is our top priority. See for yourself!

eLearning Analytics

The data collected through the LearningZen platform is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of you training program.

Dedicated Customer Care

Call upon your personal account representative at any time.

Full Tech Support

Having computer or internet trouble? Our technical support specialists are on standby.

Our Zoo and Aquarium community has paved the way for the success of your training program.

LearningZen has partnered with some of the nation’s most iconic, award winning zoos. Our zoo community has authored hundreds of courses using our easy to use, built-in course authoring tools.

Thousands of zoo employees have been on-boarded, trained, certified and re-certified utilizing our cloud-based online training software – no download required.

When considering whether an LMS is right for your zoo, its important to understand the many benefits that come with an online training platform.

Launching a well integrated Learning Management System has never been easier.

Integrating an LMS for training employees ensures that content and compliance are uniform and consistent. Imagine what it would be like to have a central platform where you can either train the newly hired, or re-certify current staff. Coordinating training meetings can be a headache when trying to accommodate all schedules.

With online training, employees can receive instruction at the time that works best for them. In addition to this flexibility, you have the assurance that no matter when training is received, employees are still receiving the same quality content.

Getting an LMS up and running can seem daunting. Rest assured that the LearningZen development and support team will take care of all of the heavy lifting for you. Our community of Zoo partners are actively building a library of Zoo courses and course templates. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

This means you spend minimal time getting your training ready for deployment. You’ll be on your way to focusing on using the training, rather than on building it. LearningZen can get your training program launched without extended development and deployment time.

Harness the power of eLearning analytics to keep staff compliant and increase employee retention rate.

One of the key benefits to online training is that content can be updated seamlessly, so there is less downtime and training gap for your employees. As training material changes, this can be easily reflected in your online training so that your employees have access to the most up-to-date information.

Disseminating new material can also be time-consuming when using traditional forms of training, and staff might fall through the cracks. Eliminate this risk with an online LMS for training employees, which can report on individual members or entire groups of staff and their progress through the training program.

Ensuring safety and compliance certifications is a critical component of keeping your business protected, and online training can deliver in ways that traditional training cannot.

Using a LearningZen LMS gives you the ability to track the progress and test score of each individual employee and provide that documentation when needed.

You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your training program is effectively training your content and that your zoo is staffed with competent, well-trained employees.

Flexibility, oversight, ease of use and easily updated content are all solid reasons to launch your LMS with LearningZen. Request a live demo today and let us show you just how much your Zoo will benefit with LearningZen!



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