Simple integrated online course authoring tool

Transitioning from traditional training methods to online delivery can seem like a daunting task. We created an intuitive, easy to use course authoring tool that is sure to speed up the launch of your new online training program. Let us show you just how easy it is to use LearningZen’s integrated course authoring.

Whether you have instructional design experience or not, LearningZen’s course authoring tool will have you feeling like a seasoned professional.

Simple, Efficient, and Effective Course Authoring

There is a wide array of online course authoring applications out there, but most are expensive, difficult to use or are super time consuming. Sometimes all three. We saw a need to provide a solution that makes it easy for anyone to create online training content. So, we built in our own integrated easy-to-use online course authoring tool. One simple way to take subject matter expertise out of outdated materials or locked away in one person’s head. 


Join us for a demo and see the world’s easiest authoring tool in action. 



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