Easy to use online training software for employee training

Learning Zen offers an LMS for companies looking to provide online training to its employees; Start using our LMS today for educating your employees online with our custom-tailored training courses. 

Affordable, easy to use and personalized online training learning management system for employee training

LEARNINGZEN’s Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to help business administrators, training personnel and managers their employees while keeping track of the courses they are assigned and complete – all from one centralized online employee training platform.

Develop online training courses for your employees with our flexible, intuitive and learner-friendly employee training software that allows them learn at their own pace and convenience; they can easily start and stop courses, then log back in to resume from where they left off – accessing their history, reviewing completed course, or doing a refresher.

Our LMS online training platform for can be set-up quickly and has minimal to no impact on your IT framework and resources. Let our team do all of the heavy lifting. We also provide in-depth LMS online training support prior to launch.

Just a few reasons to consider LearningZen’s LMS for your online employee training

Real-Time Workflow & Custom Notifications

Our automated course reminders, email prompts, and auto-generated periodic reports provide administrators & management with real-time updates on employee performance.

Customized Online Employee Training Portal

Our flexible and customizable online LMS platform lets you brand your training resources for a custom look and feel.

24/7 Access

Our cloud based online training software is always working for you. Access LearningZen anywhere, anytime.

Powerful eLearning Analytics

Monitor and track employee progress at an individual and group level. Assess employee competency through systems reports and revise training material on the fly. 

Exceptional Customer Care

Your personal Customer Care representative is always available to help you maximize your investment with targeted tips, guidance and support.

Learning Zen offers a comprehensive employee-oriented LMS for companies looking to deliver robust online training to their workforce. Our secure eLearning environment boasts excellent micro & macro progress monitoring and automated certification features, allowing you to keep your employees training current, while increasing their value and overall productivity.

Start using our robust, easy to use LMS for training employees, monitor their progress, keep their training up to date, all while decreasing the workload on company training departments, administration and management. Any company can benefit from a well integrated LMS. LearningZen is even a great LMS for Zoos. Find out how we can be great for you too.



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